Unravel the complexities of human genetics with comprehensive Sample to Insight solutions


We’re excited to bring our Sample to Insight solutions to you at the annual ASHG Meeting in Houston from October 15–19.

The field of human genetics is rapidly evolving with an unprecedented pace of discovery. However, with new discoveries, come new challenges. Partner with QIAGEN to leverage our years of expertise, tailored solutions and market-leading informatics so you can conquer the complexities of human genetics research and advance your understanding of human biology and disease.

Start your research journey by taking advantage of our high-performance technologies for:

  • Sample extraction and stabilization
  • PCR, qPCR and digital PCR
  • Ribosomal RNA and globin mRNA removal
  • NGS panel design and library preparation
  • Data analysis, interpretation and reporting

Exploit the combined benefits of our Sample to Insight solutions for:

  • DNA and RNA analysis
  • Carrier screening
  • Identifying rare variants and novel biomarkers
  • Disease and pathway research

From sequencing GC-rich regions and identifying low-frequency variants to uncovering insights from poor-quality, low-input or FFPE samples, our optimized tools can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the biology of your sample. Gain transformative insights into pathways and mechanisms that underlie normal biology and disease pathogenesis by investigating the possible role of variants and exploring pathways. Discover our one-stop platform for accessing the most comprehensive NGS, PCR and functional analysis portfolio coupled to manually curated, interlinked data on more than 10,000 biological entities – from miRNAs and genes to pathways.

Your research success starts with your sample, your scientific reputation relies on leveraging insights to draw the right scientific conclusion to your human genetics studies – our innovative solutions can empower you every step of the way, so you can be confident of the data and insights you generate.

Find out more at booth #1119, have a look at our latest, cutting-edge solutions and discover how we can help you make the leap from generating data to accumulating deeper insights with greater ease and speed.

Visit us at ASHG 2019, booth #1119

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