Rethink RNA-seq to uncover elusive transcriptomic details

RNA-seq has evolved into the leading application for NGS. Our comprehensive collection of high-quality NGS kits, coupled with powerful bioinformatics, lets you dive into the complexity of the transcriptome by analyzing targeted or transcriptome-wide gene expression, cataloging transcript variants, allelic expression patterns, fusion genes, lncRNAs, miRNAs and piRNAs.

QIAseq RNA-seq kits provide:

  • Increased precision by minimizing artifacts and bias with the help of Unique Molecular Index technology
  • One-step removal of unwanted RNA from RNA-seq libraries for on-target reads
  • Stranded, high-quality RNA-seq libraries for transcriptome analysis
  • Ultra-plex (UPX) library construction to simplify low-input and single-cell analysis
  • Streamlined workflows – such as our gel-free workflow for miRNA-seq library prep

New product in focus QIAseq FastSelect technology – exceptional removal of unwanted RNA

Introduce our game-changing QIAseq FastSelect rRNA removal technology into your RNA-seq workflow to ensure you only sequence what matters. New QIAseq FastSelect –rRNA HMR and QIAseq FastSelect –Globin Kits remove >95% of rRNA and globin mRNA from human, mouse and rat – and are available in a single kit format that works for all of these species. With a 30% faster protocol than our previous kit versions, QIAseq FastSelect enables RNA removal using just a single 10-second pipetting step, with only 14 minutes of incubation.

See how QIAseq FastSelect can transform your research – request our new QIAseq FastSelect –rRNA/Globin Trial Kit!

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